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How many people answered my question? Why don’t you show the response counts?

All questions are receiving thousands of answers. Because Zip is a social app, we don’t want brands using it to conduct research. However, we are open to maybe releasing that feature in the future.

How do I get a QuickCode?

QuickCodes are spreading quickly nationwide. TV and radio personalities are using QuickCodes to interact with their audiences across the country. We’re currently on multiple TV and radio stations, so stay tuned to weigh in and engage anonymously!

  • Larry Elder – SAGE
  • MIGHTY1090
How do I flag a question for removal if it's offensive, one-sided, doesn’t make sense, or has typos?

To flag a question for removal by the Zip community simply tap the flag icon located on the top right corner of the question. Then select the most appropriate reason for the question to be removed. If none apply, please feel free to select any.

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